Tuesday, November 26, 2013

seven weeks.

it's been almost seven weeks since Penelope was born, and this is only my second blog post. In my defense I have been writing in a real journal, just not here.

Our life thus far with Penny has been really sweet. She is generally very easy tempered and frankly, asleep. She only shouts when she's hungry, when you take away her food source because she is being weird and not latching properly (that's probably her least favorite), when she is lonely and wants attention, when she is having a claustrophobic attack and when she is really tired, almost asleep, and we move her. She hates that.

On the other hand, she loves being cuddled up in blankets with her head hidden, something I am much less fond of. She loves being tied up, either in a swaddling blanket or a wrap carrier. she loves being in the car, being in new places and looking at new things and new people. Cory isn't too excited about this last bit because it means he will have another adventurous person he will have to go on fun vacations with. he hates that.

Penny is very sweet and smiley and is growing longer and fatter every day.

I am also doing well. At my six week post baby midwife appointment I was told I weigh seven pounds more than pre-baby and everything seems to be healing properly, both of which I am pleased about. Most of the time I am a little bit more tired and less clean than I was pre-baby, but its nothing to complain about. Weirdly I was more mentally stable and even tempered while pregnant than before, which is something I have never heard of before. I can feel my hormones going back to normal and my feelings getting back to their creative person instability, which sucks but now I have something to look forward to the next time I am pregnant.


  1. Penny is absolutely perfect! You are such a cute mommy.

  2. penny is adorable! i'm seriously dying over these pictures.