Friday, December 6, 2013

two months.

Guess who is eight weeks old. This girl! She is getting more fun every day. Cuter too!
Yesterday Penny and I took our first bus ride into Seattle together it was really great! I tied her to me using the front wrap cross carry which I've never tried before. It was really secure and nice! Penny liked it too, although sometimes she gets little claustrophobic panic attacks sometimes when we're not moving quickly enough. I'm pretty sure she did this when I was pregnant too, so I think she'll be fine.

We went into Seattle to meet Elise and see the Gingerbread house demonstration at the Sheridan on sixth. The theme was Nursery rhymes. This one was that one about the cow and spoon and dish. The cow at the top rotated around the yellow moon! The below photo is a rhyme I've never heard of. Its something about a ship the words are on the front. 

The whole ship rocked back and forth! It was all very impressive. After we looked at all of the huge gingerbread creations from the back, and then the front we found a seat to chat. I've only seen Elise once since Penny which isn't great and I wish it was more. I had made snickerdoodles just in case seeing all that cookie and candy made us want some. Luckily, it did and they were delicious and not at all flat. Penny woke up, (she was pretty much asleep the whole time.) and had a panic attack so I pulled her out and she had a nice nap on Elise.
We then walked to our bus stop. We arrived right as our bus was pulling out. It was five o clock so plus: another bus came in two minutes, con: traffic. Surprisingly though penny and I arrived at Cory's work at the same time Elise got to her home which is very impressive for us.
At Cory's work I fed Penny, then we went to Taco Time. We ate there the day before Penny's birth in hopes that the spicy salsa would induce her. Unfortunately Taco Time has the mildest salsa on the planet! She came anyway. At the restaurant two ladies told me how cute my little boy is. Oh well. Also penny was feeling cute so we tried to take a photo. Ten million photos later I decide to be cheeky in the one Penny is making the most darling face in! That's what I get.
Happy two months little lady! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

seven weeks.

it's been almost seven weeks since Penelope was born, and this is only my second blog post. In my defense I have been writing in a real journal, just not here.

Our life thus far with Penny has been really sweet. She is generally very easy tempered and frankly, asleep. She only shouts when she's hungry, when you take away her food source because she is being weird and not latching properly (that's probably her least favorite), when she is lonely and wants attention, when she is having a claustrophobic attack and when she is really tired, almost asleep, and we move her. She hates that.

On the other hand, she loves being cuddled up in blankets with her head hidden, something I am much less fond of. She loves being tied up, either in a swaddling blanket or a wrap carrier. she loves being in the car, being in new places and looking at new things and new people. Cory isn't too excited about this last bit because it means he will have another adventurous person he will have to go on fun vacations with. he hates that.

Penny is very sweet and smiley and is growing longer and fatter every day.

I am also doing well. At my six week post baby midwife appointment I was told I weigh seven pounds more than pre-baby and everything seems to be healing properly, both of which I am pleased about. Most of the time I am a little bit more tired and less clean than I was pre-baby, but its nothing to complain about. Weirdly I was more mentally stable and even tempered while pregnant than before, which is something I have never heard of before. I can feel my hormones going back to normal and my feelings getting back to their creative person instability, which sucks but now I have something to look forward to the next time I am pregnant.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


After nine months we have finally met our baby.
On the Monday before my due date we started trying out all the old wives tales to induce labor. We are spicy food and chocolate, took walks and bounced on the birth ball, Cory gave me pressure point foot rubs. When Wednesday rolled around I was having contractions that kept me from sleeping so at four in the morning I got up, cleaned the kitchen, baked a cake and cleaned the kitchen again. When it was properly morning I called the midwives to see what they thought and they told me to come in. I was dilated to four and 90% effected. The midwife stripped my membranes and said she wouldn't be surprised to see me before the end of the day. Cory went to work and I spent my day cleaning, frosting, napping and bouncing on my ball. By the time Cory returned my contractions were quite regular and slowly growing in strength. By eight o clock they were quite strong in my front and my back so we decided to make our way to the hospital.
When we arrived at the hospital I got a midwife named Desiree. She checked me, I was dilated to five and pretty much completely effected. She said I could stay or go home and labor some more there and come home later. My drive over was kind of terrible so I decided to stay at the hospital and get in the jet tub as soon as humanly possible. They checked me into our nice little labor room and immediately started filling the tub. The second I climbed in my back pain and contractions stopped completely and I was able to relax. Cory played a little bit of Harry Potter, the lights were low, the water was hot and everything was nice. The only problem was I was no longer progressing. It was at this point I decided I wanted an epidural. I thought it might take a while, but our nurse put a really cold IV in my wrist and in less than ten minutes the anesthesiologist was there coating my back in tape.
For the next while everything was perfect. I couldn't feel my contractions, but they were progressing perfectly, I could still feel and move my legs and I happily chatted with my midwife and nurse. Cory put on a movie, we tried napping through Moonrise Kingdom and Midnight in Paris. Sometime in there I started to notice I could feel my contractions in the left side of my pelvis, front and back, but my right leg was growing increasingly numb. The anesthesiologist came back three times to give me extra strong doses of medicine which only succeeded in making my right leg feel like fifty pounds of rubber which kept sliding off the edge of the bed. Cory started Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I was feeling really rotten so the midwife came over and checked me again. She broke my water, I barfed, a lot, and she said I could start pushing.
When pushing commenced the third shot of extra epidural had just been administered so I couldn't feel my stomach. I couldn't tell if I was pushing or not, I also couldn't tell when I was supposed to push. Not much later however I started to be able to feel my muscles when I clenched them and then my body when it wanted to push. I threw up twice more and poor Cory, who hadn't eaten in hours and hates barf had to be taken out and fed. Even though the contractions passed and the ladies kept telling me I was close and they could see Penny's head, Penny didn't come. She was stuck in my pelvis because she was facing forward instead of facing my spine like she should have been. Afterwards my midwife told me 2/3 first mothers with "Sunnyside up" babies must be born via c section. Two and a half hours later I was delirious with fatigue and wanted to give up. If it wasn't for my wonderful nurse who after every contraction would tell me I could do it and I was close and Cory who was so sweet and strong even though seeing me hurting was so hard for him, I don't know if I could have done it. Finally Penny was freed and crowning, which lasted for like four contractions, a thing I wasn't expecting, and then born!
The ladies quickly wiped Penny down and put her on my chest where Cory and I were free to fawn over her and be relieved it was all over while the midwife finished up. This bit was such an intense experience. It was our first moment as a family, our first time meeting this being who had been growing inside me for the past months. At that moment all the pain and nausea disappeared and I was free to bask in my first experience as a mother.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

labor day weekend.

I am now thirty five weeks (tomorrow) and have developed this fun new pregnant quirk. I'll be sitting there making padsicles (not a typo) or knitting or talking to Cory when all of a sudden I have to eat and/or drink and/or nap and/or go to the bathroom right at this second. If I wait any amount of time I feel sick or my arms feel tingly and faint. On the bright side the weather seems to have decided to become autumny early this year! Fall means moody clouds, baked goods with pumpkin in them, sweaters and BABY!

this passed Friday Elise came over and we had Trader Joes coffee cake (mmmmmmmmmm. There mayn't be pumpkin in those suckers, but there is plenty of brown sugar and butter and cinnamon and nutmeg and I love it!) and then went for a hike on tiger mountain. This tiger mountain?

Very probably! Fleet Foxes are from Kirkland, which is super close to here, and pretty cool. Anyway, our hike was very foresty and fairly cool and nice. I did feel like a big giant sweaty pregnant lady, but frankly I kind of am.

After our hike we drove over to Snoqualmie falls. Last time I went it was overcast and drizzly and under construction and empty and wonderful. This time it was hot and sunny and there were twelve billion people there and I didn't like it quite as much. It was still nice though and we had dinner at the Great Northern again. All of us were still pretty full from breakfast so we just split an absolutely bonkers ham sandwich (have I mentioned how much I want ham all the time?) and meat balls, which were also quite tasty.
We then went home and spent the rest of the long weekend researching tiny houses, eating honey bbq Fritos and watching Malcolm in the Middle. Oh labor day weekend, you were good to us.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

portland minivacation.

Yesterday was Cory and my third anniversary, along with everyone in the whole world apparently. We spent it driving home from Portland, I then barfed (just a little tiny bit, but its everything around barfing that is the worst, no?) and spent the rest of the day laying on the couch and napping while Cory watched Malcolm in the Middle, websurfed and had cereal for dinner. If this is a preview of how this little girl is going to affect our relationship I do not care for it much. Although Cory was, as always, very sweet and concerned he wouldn't come within three feet of me, just in case I was actually sick, not just baby sick. (yay for too many commas!)

Our trip however was really great! The drive from our house to Portland is right about three hours long, which feels soooooo much shorter than the four hours we are used to driving from Rexburg to Utah. We were planning on having brunch with a friend, but the battery in he car exploded (it really exploded, that's not me being flowery) so we went to brunch alone. We went to bread and ink which is this awesome brunch place we've been to before on Hawthorne. I got chicken and waffles and Cory got some sort of Mexican egg scramble and some killer hashbrowns and a biscuit. We liked the chicken, hashbrowns and biscuits the best this time round. We spent the rest of the day resting and hanging out with my family, eating Thai food.

me at thirty twoish weeks in my pajamas in my grandma's bathroom. Fun fact: the toilet and both sinks are also that swell pink color.

The next day was Sunday so we went to church with my grandmother where we listened to an opera singer sing and a Tongan man yelled at us. My cousin calvin's birthday is the same day as our anniversary so on Sunday we had a little family party for him. He requested a chocolate cake with red frosting and candy on top. I, with the help of my grandmother, tried to make said cake. It turned out very pink and heart shaped and in three layers because the heart shaped pans weren't big enough. It was quite tasty though, and Calvin was very excited by it. We had a very tasty old fashioned roast, mashed potatoes, rolls and gravy (and squash, but neither Cory nor I ate the squash. Shhhh.) sort of dinner before presents and cake. We ate outside which was nice other than the wasps that kept coming and scaring me.
After dinner Calvin, with the help of his brothers, opened presents. I made him a t shirt with Hobbes on it. Get it? I was very pleased with how it turned out even though Calvin is still a bit too young to get excited about a shirt. He was much more. Enthusiastic about his new bank,  boats and foursquare ball. We took his new ball for a spin with a rousing game of kickball in the twelve foot square patch of grass of my grandmother's back yard. Fun fact number two: my aunt April can catch anything that is ever thrown at her without being warned of its approach. My uncle Greg tossed some things at her throughout the trip to demonstrate his point and Cory said it wasn't very impressive because anyone would catch a bright green foursquare ball thrown at them. Greg then threw the ball at Cory who didn't even flinch as the ball bounced off his face.
on Monday we grabbed a pizza we were told would be good and headed off to a park I picked to meet cory's sister and her family. Unfortunately I just picked the first park to come to my mind, which turned out to be twenty minutes and two bridge crossings away. Oops. The park and the pizza were splendid once we arrived. The weather was prime, girls were rascally and the conversation was really nice. We haven't seen each other in far too long. After lunch we went to the Columbia outlet which was like a quarter mile away from the park, one point Eliza for picking the park. Chelsi, kevin and I all got jackets for a steal. I don't know how much theirs cost, but mine a cool rain resistant and heat something high tech blue and purplish jacket usually costs $140 and I got it for $34! Huzzah for deals and for having a rain coat that doesn't make me feel like Harriet the Spy! After we made our purchases and Chelsi gave me the sweetest little October outfit for baby Cory and I headed back to april's house.

weirdly the route cory's phone chose took us past my old middle school, so we made an impromptu visit of my old house! I am pretty sure there were people home so we just took the one photo outside without snooping further. The whole way home I entertained (except not, because I think he was very bored to hear all my pointless stories) Cory with little antidotes about everything from Ricky Chan and the Chan's restaurant to the house that used to be red to the Kmart that is no longer there. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with april and her kids. Cory likes to ask kids complicated questions to see how they answer and I mostly just chatted with april and followed her youngest around. Grandma and Sid came over for dinner and family home evening and then Cory and I went back to grandma's house to watch some He-Man and She-Ra before bed.

The next day, yesterday we left grandma's house and finally had that brunch with my friend Taylor. She completed the trifecta; I have now seen all three of my best friends from high school while pregnant! We met up at the twenty four hour hotcake house which had stellar face-sized pancakes as usual, and disappointing eggs. Don't get the eggs, get the pancakes! Our visit was cut short because Taylor had work. Before she left however she showered us in lemon themed baby clothes! I'll post photos of baby in all her cute clothes later, because really that will be even cuter than just showing off the sweet clothes everyone has been giving us. On the ride home we listened to an old timey style podcast radio play about the 1916 New Jersey shark attacks and ate Cheese its.
All in all it was a really great mini vacation!

Friday, August 2, 2013

first birth class.

I hope it'll be cold next time I'm pregnant because a) look how darned cute I look in that sweater and b) I feel I don't know how to dress for warm weather. I am a layers gal.
I am now thirty weeks along. Seven weeks til I'm full term. That is less than two months! On one hand this is exciting because we will get to meet Baby. At my doctors appointment the other day my midwife (I don't actually see doctors, just midwives, but I can't stop calling them doctors appointments.) was measuring, then mashing my belly and said 'here's her head right here, do you want to feel it?' obviously I did. I GOT TO FEEL BABY'S HEAD! It was super weird, but also exciting.
Yesterday we went to our first birth class. There are eleven couples in it and everyone except one girl who has the same due date as me are due before me. The lady who teaches the class has fluffy wavy hair and wore a flowy sweater, three necklaces and a shirt with beads on it, just as you'd expect. One of the first things she did was have us picture ourselves starting labor at home. How do we feel? How are we coping? Then we decide its time to go to the hospital, things are more intense. How do we feel? How are we coping? Unfortunately by this time the me in the scenario stopped coping, tensed up, had a panic attack and started crying. I kind of feel like lots of the other girls had the same sort of realization because when she asked for people to share, only boys shared.
Obviously I hope my reaction to birth will be better than my imaginary self, but that's why I'm taking this class. Right now my bedroom window is open and I can feel the chill and hear the rain outside. I feel very calm. Maybe it will rain when I'm in labor. But for now I have more pressing items of business. THE HIDE-A-BED IS GONE! This means I can get started on Baby's bedroom in earnest! Huzzah!

Monday, July 15, 2013

derby days

Today I signed up for birthing class. Eeek! It starts in two weeks, is once a week for seven weeks, (I figured since this is our first and we are both pretty nervous it wouldn't hurt to take the longest class.) and ends three weeks before my 'due date'. How close does that make this who birth situation sound?! Maybe not that close to you, but for someone who just got used to the whole idea of being pregnant it seems to be hurtling to a close.

this weekend we went to Redmond Derby Days. It was really fun. Derby Days started at the end of the Great Depression as a way to raise money for down town holiday decorations and athletic equipment for local schools. This year was its seventy third anniversary, making it the longest running bike race in the US. The celebration is a Friday Saturday sort of thing, we just went on Saturday with a couple friends from the ward.

there was a fun little parade with things like  pirates, little girl gymnasts and Chinese drummers. There were a whole bunch of booths set up by local companies, some of which gave out popsicle! The public transit booth where Cory and I took the above photos was also handing out 'I heart Redmond' stickers. I just have to find something worthy of my cool sticker!
There were probably a zillion people at the Derby Days, which was fun, but also a parking nightmare. Luckily we live close enough to walk, which. Is exactly what we did after a lunch of corndog, smoked pulled pork and curly fries and a look at the art festival. People up here are so talented, but art is so expensive!
After I had a good nap and we ate dinner we walked back down to the festival. We watched a little bit of the 'pro' race, which is ninety minutes of people riding laps which take them less than a minute to complete. It was fun for us, since we got to see the bikers for more than four seconds, but I'm sure it gets dizzy for them. Our friends arrived and we played bocce ball until it got too dark, then we listens to bands until the fireworks started. Weirdly both bands we heard were Celtic ones. Most of the folks around here are from India, Asia or Russia, so I thought it was odd that they picked a pair of Irish bands to entertain us.
It was the cutest firework display I have ever seen! The fireworks were small and pretty low to the ground, but they were choreographed to music. Since it wasn't independence day the songs weren't patriotic. They started out with Jaws, played a jazz song we like, the Verruca Salt song from Willy wonka sang by harry connick Jr or Michael buble, a Shakira song and flight of the Valkyrie. There were others too, the whole show lasted about four songs longer than I thought it would!
Then yesterday I made peach strawberry crisp and we went over to some friends house to play scategories and telestrations. We chatted and they had a berries and cheese plate, so classy. All in all it was a really great little weekend.